feather pillow for a sewing friend

sorry guys, another quilted pillow.  last one for a while (maybe?  maybe not?  they’re just too fun!).

feather pillow

this one was for my sewing buddy, Caila.  the girl is a ray of sunshine, i knew she was working on decorating her house, and i had so much fun making this pillow for her!

feather pillow

i met Caila once when she was in town, and we had a fun lunch talkin’ blog stuff, sewing stuff, kid stuff, Portland stuff…you know, the usual.  i also got to meet her littlest adorable towhead Stryder – such a cutie pie!  it was actually right around the time i discovered Caila’s blog in the first place, but i saw right away that she has a really bright, happy, colorful style.  i also trolled her pinterest boards to find some specific fabrics that she might like to see in the pillow.  pinterest is so helpful for gift-giving!

feather pillow

i pieced the feathers out of my most color-saturated scraps and fat quarters using anna maria horner’s (free) feather bed quilt pattern.   this is actually one quilt block and it turned out to be perfect pillow size, though i kinda wish i’d narrowed the white space between the two just a bit and added a little to the outsides to bring them together.    they were super fun to make though – i really enjoyed picking out the fabrics and learning the piecing method, which is different than anything i’ve done before and very satisfying.  i even have a few extra feather sides for possible future pillows!

feather pillow

the back is AMH and a kona solid and it closes with a zipper.  this project is an amazing fat quarter / scrap user upper.


so i’m sewing a bunch of gifts for Christmas and realizing that i’m not going to get to blog some of them!  one already went in the mail without being photographed (maybe i can talk the recipient into snapping a few pics), and i’m making some teacher gifts that i doubt will see the light of day (LITERALLY) before i give them away.  this annoys me – sometimes it feels like a project isn’t “done” until it’s blogged.  anyone else weird like that?  guess i should’ve started sooner, eh?

pleated bundt pillow tutorial

bringing home this pleated bundt pan pillow tutorial that i wrote for laura’s sew yummy series over at craftstorming.  she had baking-inspired sewing and sewing-inspired baking – it was a fun mix of creations and a really fun series to be a part of!  check out her roundup of all the projects here.


hi, i’m kristin from skirt as top and i love this sew yummy series!  what a great idea!  i sew much more often than i bake, but baking is something i am trying to get better at, especially now that my daughter is four-and-a-half and a great helper in the kitchen.  frankly, it’s usually her idea to bake something!  i’m just along to read the recipe, crack eggs, and operate the mixer.

when laura asked me to participate in sew yummy, i knew my inspiration right away – this amazing bundt pan.  i’ve used it for my son’s first birthday cake plus a few other times, and it creates a really beautiful, sculptural cake.  the shape lends itself perfectly to sewing inspiration, too!

pleated bundt pillow tutorial

i knew the pan would be best reflected as pleats and i’m actually lacking in throw pillows around my house, so that’s what i decided to make.  i wrote up a little tutorial for you too  – it’s the pleated bundt pillow tutorial!

pleated bundt pillow tutorial

in this tutorial i created a cover for a 20″ x 20″ pillow insert, though the method is easily adaptable to any size.  for mine, you’ll need about 1.5 yards of fabric, disappearing fabric pen (or tailor’s chalk), and a straight edge.  my fabric is a really nice hemp blend from bolt that acts a bit like linen but has a little more texture to it, but i’m sure this would also work well with quilting cotton.

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