in progress and contributing

i’m so happy you enjoyed film petit’s comeback – it was super fun to get that going again and i’m already looking forward to (and brainstorming) it for next month!

so…i didn’t do very much sewing this weekend.  the main reason is that i asked for (and received – thanks mom and dad!) a gift certificate to take a knitting class here in town!  i’ve wanted to learn how to knit for a few years now, and for some reason my brain does not grasp it via book or youtube video.  i need an in-person teacher to show my hands what to do.  my friend Erin taught me enough so that I made a cowl and a hat last year, but she lives out of town, and i was ready to learn more NOW. the class is going to be awesome – i’ve learned so much after just one!

knitting class

the thing is, and i knew this from dabbling last year – knitting takes FOREVER compared to sewing.  i took photos every few hours or so to compile the collage below – i knit while watching movies with my husband in the weekend evenings, while at Em’s ballet class, while the kids are in the bath, any chance i get.  HOURS, guys.  i’ve gotten pretty quick at sewing so this is an adjustment – totally could’ve sewn a scarf in a half hour, but it’s the process, right?

honey cowl progress

i’m making the honey cowl and i love it – knitting is extremely addictive.  i’m 27 weeks pregnant and starting to physically slow down as i get bigger (O was almost 9 lbs at birth and this fella looks very similar from a belly standpoint), so it’s the perfect activity to keep me sitting and relaxing but still doing something, which i kinda need mentally.

27 weeks

oh also – after i did the welt pocket tutorial, Liesl asked me to post as a contributor more often while she wraps up her spring 2014 patterns. like…twice a week!

so if you haven’t been following along over on the Oliver + S blog, i’ve kind of been there a lot.  i’ve written posts on holiday inspiration for boys and for girls, a new series where i invite die-hard Oliver + S fans to write about their favorite pattern, coordinated other guest posts, and did a brief interview of Liesl as part of another new series called Ask Me.  it’s been a huge learning experience, one that should continue through December, and it’s been a lot of fun too!

how was your weekend?  got any in-progress projects?  it’s funny – i’m not sure how knitting bloggers do it if projects take 10, 20, 50 hours to complete…do they just have multiple projects going on at once?  more in-process posts?  is it a slower blogging pace than sewing blogs?  got any must-follow knitting blogs i should check out?  

i’m all ears (and belly)!  🙂