talkin’ ’bout my best friend (over at sew together)

i’m always curious how people learned to sew.  after my mom got me started, i credit the majority of my sewing education to oliver + s patterns!

the lovely and talented maryanne and caroline of sew together invited me to participate in their “best friend” series, where lots of great bloggers have been sharing their best friends in the sewing world.  it’s been a fun series to follow along with and today, i’m up!

for my guest post i ended up writing a 3 year retrospective (with lots of PRE-BLOG FLICKR ONLY projects included)!  it was fun making photo collages of pretty much every oliver + s garment i’ve ever sewn – and believe me, there are quite a few!

head on over to sew together to check out my post!

oliver + s patterns

side note: i discovered sew together during season 4 of project run & play; they make gorgeously crafted, classic clothing and i was always so impressed with their work during the season (especially their blue twirly dress and intricately color blocked pinky promise dresses).  they got fourth place, the same place i finished season 3, which is really hard – you get SO CLOSE to the finale, but fall just short.  i hold a special place in my heart for every fourth place finisher now.

hope you’re having a great weekend!

PS – if you caught my blog post title reference, you win the day.

PPS – season 5 of project run & play starts this week!  are you sewing along?

8 thoughts on “talkin’ ’bout my best friend (over at sew together)

  1. Rachel says:

    I love O+S sewing patterns, too. You have motivated me to create an O+S set on my flickr page. I was curious to see how many I have created so far, it seems 18. The first one was a purple Russian nesting doll Lazy Days Skirt back in Dec 09 !
    I really admired those 2 outfits you mentioned that Sew Together created for PR&P4, the colors & craftmanship !
    And I dream of getting 4th place! I have been busy sewing for PR&P5 & no matter what place I get it has already been a great experience… I highly recommend sewing along with PR&P, it is so much fun, you can push yourself & try new things & learn so much…

  2. Lucinda says:

    What a wonderful post over at Sew Together! I hope Liesl catches wind of this post . . . I”m sure it will make her day! It was fun to go through your Flickr pictures – your daughter could be the official O & S posterchild:)

  3. lecsmiscellany says:

    I loved reading this post, Kristin! And it was awesome to look at your beautiful snapshots of all the patterns you have sewn. You have gotten me so excited about sewing, I think I will just have to make it through the entire O+S syllabus!

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