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ed emberley alligator quilt

18 Nov

i snagged a couple naptime hours this weekend to clean up my utter disaster of a sewing room…and in the process, i got inspired to do some stashbusting and a project i’d delayed for far too long – a cozy quilt for O!

ed emberley alligator quilt

the little guy doesn’t realize it, but i’ve felt bad for a long time because i’ve never made him a blankie of his own.  i made his sister a quilt, and multiple cozy flannel/minky blankies for snuggling/school, but none for him.

it’s not like he’s blanket-deprived – he was gifted a number of handmade and store bought blankets at baby showers and has actually adopted my baby quilt as his own…just none made by ME.  and i believe that there’s nothing more special a mother can make than a cozy blanket for her kids.  you’re literally wrapping your little one up in love!

ed emberley alligator quilt

it was when his unborn baby brother was gifted a beautiful CINO quilt that the guilt really started to set in.  O needed a home sewn quilt!  NOW!

ed emberley alligator quilt

i had gotten this Ed Emberley for Cloud 9 alligator print at Bolt last year with the intention of using it for a blanket for him…

ed emberley alligator quilt

…and same plan with the super soft light blue minky on the back.

ed emberley alligator quilt

it’s hard to see in photos, but i did irregular sawtooth quilting on the alligator print and straight horizontal lines across the solid color blocked top and bottom rows.  it looks like alligator teeth in person!  there is no batting, but due to the minky it still has a nice weight to it.

ed emberley alligator quilt

the top and bottom rows (scraps cut 8” high to extend this directional print a bit for more coverage) are a mix of Kona and Moda Bella solids from my stash in colors that pull from the print.  the quilt measures 35” x 50” which covers him very nicely.

ed emberley alligator quilt

the binding is Amy Butler’s full moon polka dots in tangerine (still available here)!  think i may have gotten that at Bolt too.  ;)  it’s finished by zigzag stitch, both for speed and to mimic the sawtooth quilting / alligator teeth motif.

ed emberley alligator quilt

love how the colors look when they all drape together, it feels bright and happy but still boyish.

i showed the in-progress quilt to O when he woke up from his nap, only partly quilted, and he was very excited about it, rubbing the minky side on his cheek, etc.  i promised him i’d finish it when he was asleep that night, and i did.  i laid it on him while he slept and when he came to our room in morning, he had wrapped himself up in it!  he proceeded to “Linus around” with it for a good part of the day.  GREAT SUCCESS.

does fall make you want to quilt too?  i feel like the knitting and quilting bugs hit me hard when the weather gets cold (still haven’t picked up the needles yet this year, though)!

** i have emailed Lara, the winner of a Gingercake pattern.  thank you to all who entered the giveaway! **

swoon block mini quilt

27 Nov

back in August, i asked for your advice on what to do with my “practice” swoon quilt block (pattern here). i got some really great suggestions (thanks guys!) and then….i sat on those suggestions! ha! i kind of liked having the block hanging up in my sewing room as it was, i didn’t have time to work on it, and it kept growing on me the longer it was hanging there. during that time, i decided a mini quilt for our bedroom wall would definitely be the way to go (once i was finally ready to finish it).

swoon mini quilt

then sometime in late September, Robin pulled together a sewing night at Modern Domestic with a still-pregnant Gail, so i quickly added a small border of kona snow around the outside to frame it, then basted it. once at MD, i took full advantage of the fancy pants Bernina machines (and the advice of my friends) to turn my swoon block into a mini quilt! oh man, big mistake sewing on one of those. suddenly my modest Brother machine, which has treated me well since i started sewing 3.5 years ago, felt like a hunk of garbage (what’s the phrase? “new hotness versus old brokeness?”). the Bernina quilted like a hot knife through butter, and i can’t get it out of my mind since.

swoon mini quilt

i have a savings fund going.

swoon mini quilt

anyway, you can see my quilting pattern a bit better on the back – i pretty much just outlined the star and kept the quilting minimal to let the design stand out. the backing is black yarn dyed essex linen. the binding is kona olive, of course, hand-finished. i think if i could make every project with yarn dyed black and kona olive, i would.

swoon mini quiltswoon mini quilt

it hangs supported by a dowel. i added pockets to the upper corners and sewed a little thread loop in the center (next time i think i’d do a fabric loop instead).

swoon mini quilt
now that the space is complete, i might pull together a little tour. you’ve seen bits and pieces but it might be fun to see the whole room, right? my bud Jessica sent me an awesome birthday surprise, too, which really ties the room together and will make an appearance when i show the rest of it! maybe later this week?

PS – i’m “skirtastop.com” now! kind of exciting. that’s another project that was procrastinated on – my husband bought me the domain name for Mother’s Day and we finally made the switch! i feel so grown up now! no need to update your feeds; the redirect should happen automatically…hopefully.  :)


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