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kcw fall 2014: lumberjack layette pants

20 Oct

after my last post, i got requests for more baby C on the blog.  aaaaand it just so happens the kid is in need of pants, plus this week is kids clothes week, so here ya go!  baby toes in baby pants!

lumberjack layette pants

remember back when i pattern tested the lullaby layette pattern for Oliver + S?  this fella wasn’t born yet, so my nephew modeled them for me.  i chose to test the jacket and the bodysuit, but did not test the little pants in the set.  i received the finished pattern when it was released as part of my payment, but had actually sort of forgotten about it until Tara sewed some and inspired me, as she always does! Continue reading

kcw summer 2014: two silly swimsuits

24 Jul

someone please tell me why don’t i have these two take photos together more often??

two swimsuits

i’m cheating a bit with this post, since i actually made his swimsuit a week ago.  but the opportunity to have them both pose in their handmade suits was too much to resist.  and i made hers last night, so it counts.

Continue reading

kcw summer 2014: in the thick of it

23 Jul

it’s summer kids clothes week!  and i have definitely been sewing.  i’ve probably logged about 7 or 8 hours since sunday, but it’s one of those “secret projects” that i can’t show you yet, and sewing has taken precedence over blogging because DEADLINES.  i’m actually pattern testing two new Oliver + S fall patterns!  it’s very exciting, but high stakes, meticulous sewing.

and of course, all i can show you are super close up photos that show nothing, really.


i know.  super annoying of me.  i got to sew with some pretty amazing cotton + steel fabric (first time i’d seen any in person – it lives up to the hype) aaaaand some pretty frustrating super-stretchy waffle knit.  i did learn a few new tricks to get the knit to behave itself that i’ll talk about when i can post about what i made, so that’s good.  always nice to add new skillz to the mix.


so as of 11:30pm tonight my pattern testing garments are sewn, and now i can move onto sewing a few things my kids need to round out the summer.  both big kids are taking swim lessons i’ve got to make E another swimsuit (her first one has been getting heavy use).  plus both she and O need shorts!

this season’s KCW has a “kid art” theme, and the kids had a great time painting on fabric which i’ll also show you soon – but for now, i’ve got to get some sleep!  sleep is always the first thing to go during KCW.

no wait.  laundry is.

no wait.  my laundry is rarely under control.  who am i kidding?

kid's clothes week

kcw spring 2014 :: constellations pajamas

16 Apr

i’m way late on blogging this but i did sew it on day 5 of kids clothes week, so it’s getting labeled as such.  we had friends coming into town last weekend and their little guy had recently turned one, so i had to make him something!  HAD TO!  but what to make?

constellations pajamas

i started with just the eye shirt, which was heavily inspired by this one i spotted on pinterest.  pretty fun, right?

constellations pajamas

i drew the eyes and freezer paper stenciled them onto a 18-24 month short sleeved flashback skinny tee.  i didn’t hem it because i ran out of black thread (ha!) but works as a casual/pajama shirt.  the black is a basic t-shirt weight jersey knit.

but i couldn’t stop there…i made a pair of pajama pants too!  there was some serious speed sewing here – i made this entire outfit in an hour and a half.  this, apparently, is how mothers of 3 are able to sew – gotta take advantage of those naps and sew like the wind!

constellations pajamas

the pants are bedtime story pajamas in 18-24 months.  i picked a larger size than i thought he’d need and figured they’d probably be huge on him (because my kids are so shrimpy that’s what i’m used to), but he’s a bit big for his age and they fit with just the right amount of growing room.  i’m so glad i “sized up!”  nothing worse than sewing a too small gift.

constellations pajamas

neither of his parents has red hair, but check this kid out!  such a cutie.  i have no idea how to dress a redhead but took a guess that he might look good in black, and he does.

constellations pajamas

the pajama bottom fabric is from Lizzy House’s Constellations line (pretty sure this print is out of stock online, I got it a long time ago) with kona olive bindings.  i recently stocked back up on my beloved kona olive – i still maintain it goes with everything!

constellations pajamas

he’s gonna get ya!

constellations pajamas

aw just kidding.  ;)

okay that wraps up my KCW sewing!  didn’t upcycle anything in this outfit, but that’s okay.  i’ll break my streak for this kid.

kid's clothes week

kcw spring 2014 :: cozy raglan sweater

12 Apr

i had to skip posting yesterday to start/do our taxes (bluuuuugh), but i did have this finish i’ve been excited to share.  it’s so soft you guys!

upcycled raglan sweater

this week’s “sew my upcycle pile” theme stemmed from me sorting through and getting rid of a bunch of stuff that i knew i’d never sew with.  i have a small sewing room and there was just too much STUFF in there.  while i was sorting through it all, i found two banana republic sweaters of mine – they were short sleeved, crew neck sweaters that i wore a ton when i was pregnant with this little miss, but not since because they were all stretched out and not very flattering.

upcycled raglan sweater

however, the material is great – it’s a cashmere/acrylic/other blend that is washable, super soft, and warm.  i had a cream one and a purple one whose colors looked nice together….and the perfect amount of fabric for a new color blocked raglan sweater for the girlie!

upcycled raglan sweater

the pattern once again is the Oliver + S field trip raglan (quickly becoming my most-used O+S pattern!).  i made a 4T for her (cut to full length even though i used factory hems for a little extra growing room).  i tend to use my t-shirt patterns a lot for O but not much for E, but i’m trying to change that because she loves picking out her own skirt/top combos these days.

upcycled raglan sweater

i made her skirt a while ago but never blogged it – it’s just a quick no-ribbon lazy days skirt in Heather Ross’ Far Far Away iii linen/cotton blend.  i was excited to spot it at Center Diamond last spring and it’s such wonderful apparel fabric.  oh and did you see Heather is re-releasing Far Far Away with Windham soon??  can’t wait!!

upcycled raglan sweater

as you may have noticed, i added a self-drafted kangaroo pocket to this sweater.  Liesl talked about doing that here – i think it’s a cute addition to make it look more “sweater-like,” and kids always love pockets!

upcycled raglan sweater

i backed the pocket with a scrap leftover from this dress – a woven so it’d be more stable to work with.  i sewed around it right sides together, trimmed seam allowances and turned it through an opening i left, then topstitched the curvy hand openings.  i figured out placement on the sweater and marked each point with water soluble fabric marker, then covered each of those marks with 1” squares of interfacing on the inside so the weight of the pocket wouldn’t pull and create holes in the sweater.  then i topstitched it on around all but the curvy hand openings.  i used my walking foot for it all since the sweater material was very stretchy and a bit thick.

upcycled raglan sweater

this is the type of outfit that gets worn around here a lot during Portland springs/summers.  our mornings start cool but afternoons are nice and warm, so we layer a lot.  she has a couple cardigans in her wardrobe but no pullover sweaters, so it was a nice addition.

honestly though, i’m kinda bummed this new-and-improved version isn’t my size!!

you can see all my kids clothes week projects here.

kid's clothes week


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