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summer grove garden party dress

17 Jul

you guys!  this the first oliver + s dress i’ve sewn since march!  how did that happen?

summer grove garden party dress

oh yeah, i got all selfish with my sewing and stuff.  haha.  anyway, man it felt good to sew this dress for E.  she’s getting tall and lanky and i’ve had to start cleaning things out of her closet that she still tries to wear even though they’re waaaay too small – dresses that fit her like shirts, mostly. Continue reading

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lily pond lulu dress

29 May

I love blue. it’s the color of sky and water – it’s calming and peaceful and makes me happy.  so, when my friend Rae gave me a peek of Lotus Pond, her new line for Cloud9 Fabrics, and asked if i would be a part of a tour showing it off, it’s no surprise that i was immediately drawn to the gorgeous blues in her beautiful aquatic themed prints.

i was so inspired by the fabric, in fact, i knew i had to make the extra effort to get photos by a body of water!  like, say…the Pacific Ocean perhaps!  and i did!

lily pond lulu

oh the whole lotus pond line is so good – the colors are perfectly saturated and complement each other so nicely within each print and as a group.  i especially love the different florals!  such interesting/beautiful/playful designs – it was sooooo hard to pick my favorites for the tour.  the fabric i chose for this project, lily pond, is mostly green, blue, and aqua, but there’s just a bit of pink and orange and yellow in there too, which keeps the eye dancing around the print and makes me really happy. Continue reading

the midcentury traveler + a little dirndl skirt tutorial

12 May

vintage may 3 starts today!

Jess and i are excited to kick the festivities off with projects for our little gals.  i’m calling my look “the midcentury traveler.”   my imaginary backstory is that E is getting ready to catch a train to go summering back east with her grandparents in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

twirly pocket skirt tutorial

and guess what?  she’s taking her best friend with her!

twirly pocket skirt tutorial

Continue reading

kcw spring 2014 :: constellations pajamas

16 Apr

i’m way late on blogging this but i did sew it on day 5 of kids clothes week, so it’s getting labeled as such.  we had friends coming into town last weekend and their little guy had recently turned one, so i had to make him something!  HAD TO!  but what to make?

constellations pajamas

i started with just the eye shirt, which was heavily inspired by this one i spotted on pinterest.  pretty fun, right?

constellations pajamas

i drew the eyes and freezer paper stenciled them onto a 18-24 month short sleeved flashback skinny tee.  i didn’t hem it because i ran out of black thread (ha!) but works as a casual/pajama shirt.  the black is a basic t-shirt weight jersey knit.

but i couldn’t stop there…i made a pair of pajama pants too!  there was some serious speed sewing here – i made this entire outfit in an hour and a half.  this, apparently, is how mothers of 3 are able to sew – gotta take advantage of those naps and sew like the wind!

constellations pajamas

the pants are bedtime story pajamas in 18-24 months.  i picked a larger size than i thought he’d need and figured they’d probably be huge on him (because my kids are so shrimpy that’s what i’m used to), but he’s a bit big for his age and they fit with just the right amount of growing room.  i’m so glad i “sized up!”  nothing worse than sewing a too small gift.

constellations pajamas

neither of his parents has red hair, but check this kid out!  such a cutie.  i have no idea how to dress a redhead but took a guess that he might look good in black, and he does.

constellations pajamas

the pajama bottom fabric is from Lizzy House’s Constellations line (pretty sure this print is out of stock online, I got it a long time ago) with kona olive bindings.  i recently stocked back up on my beloved kona olive – i still maintain it goes with everything!

constellations pajamas

he’s gonna get ya!

constellations pajamas

aw just kidding.  ;)

okay that wraps up my KCW sewing!  didn’t upcycle anything in this outfit, but that’s okay.  i’ll break my streak for this kid.

kid's clothes week

kcw spring 2014 :: postman shorts

10 Apr

i’m just gonna start off with the silly photo.

postman shorts

this guy’s a pro.  in about 30 seconds he goofballs his way through a photoshoot and then he’s on with his day.  such a crackup.

postman shorts

anyway what am i talking about?  shorts.  he doesn’t want to wear anything but shorts.  this started in february or so, the daily fight to get him to wear pants.  at least now temperatures are high enough that shorts are acceptable and i don’t look like a terrible mother for occasionally giving in when it was only 45 degrees outside and raining (he’d gladly wear a giant winter coat and thick socks as long as he could wear his beloved shorts and he’d NEVER say he was cold…kids are so weird).

postman shorts

the pattern is Dana’s kid shorts, a great pattern with lots of sizes and options for girls and boys.  it’s only $8 but super versatile, sews up fast, fits great, and i love it.  he’d long grown out of the ones i made him last year, so i upsized to a 3T and these are too big.  oh well.  pretty sure he’s in the middle of a growth spurt so i’m sure they’ll fit fine by the summer.

postman shorts

the fabric is upcycled, once again, this time from a pair of my old gaucho pants.  remember those?  it was a super unflattering style on me and i didn’t wear them much, but it gave me tons of soft corduroy fabric to work with here!

postman shorts

i wanted to add a little extra detail, and he STILL loves to wear his mini kingsley zissou outfit, so i added some bias tape from my grandma’s stash centered on the side seams to try for a similar look.  when i was done i realized they reminded me of US Postal Service uniform shorts.  but they’re still cute on him, i think?

postman shorts

didn’t add anything else…just basic, comfy shorts for him to grab and put on in the morning.  he usually comes out of his bedroom fully dressed these days, such a funny kid!

by the way, do you remember which outfit his shirt came from?  the answer!

you can check out all of my KCW projects here.  i’ve got some girl sewing up next!

kid's clothes week


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