birthday mini marthe

seven!  this one had a birthday and she’s now seven years old.

birthday mini marthe

i sewed her a new dress the night before her birthday party at school.  she had requested a “twirly dress” and i wanted to try a new pattern that would be quick, since there was a bit of a time crunch, you know… Continue reading

KCW: handcrafted easter hanami

i have missed more regular blogging and i figure kid’s clothes week is a great reason to stay up late for the good of the cause (and to get back in the swing of things!).

sewing and blogging keeps me sane, so i really need to try to make more time for it again…we’ll see how it plays out.  it is springtime, after all, and it’s been a sunny one for us here!  so anyway, i thought i’d kick off KCW by clearing one out of my “to blog” queue…Em’s Easter dress.

handcrafted easter hanami

doesn’t look much like the pastel numbers you normally see, eh?   Continue reading