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spring colours week: white

7 Apr

a picture of my husband taking a picture on vacation in hawaii a couple years ago.  ahhh…wish i was there right now!

foggy beach day

our good friend holding his baby boy on the oregon coast last august.  it was a crazy day – super hot in portland, so everyone retreated to the beach, where it was chilly and foggy!  the weather at the beach here is notoriously unpredictable.

two beach photos.  i think i need a vacation.

spring colours week: lavender

6 Apr

foxglove (beautiful, yet poisonous!)

a lazy days skirt (i love what she does with her toes while modeling for me)

interestingly, i don’t seem to have many lavender/purple photos…don’t have much fabric in purple, either.  not sure what that means – i don’t have a purple aversion or anything!

spring colours week: pink

5 Apr

pink is em’s favorite color, so here are a few of her favorite things…

sidewalk chalk

pink toesies

and a birthday dress amidst bubbles.

spring colours week: yellow

5 Apr

peeps bunny bunting!  i made this from dana’s tutorial last year.

oh, what’s that you say?  you just wanted a photo of a pretty flower?  okay.  i give you, “lonely daffodil in the rain.”

our house’s prior owners planted an abundance of daffodil bulbs, which are so fun to have pop up in the springtime.  i love to cut a bunch and bring them inside.  i mean really, having fresh cut flowers straight from your yard will lighten anyone’s mood, especially when we portlanders endured 29 days of rain in the month of march, with 23 of those days CONSECUTIVE, and it didn’t hit 60 degrees until march 31, the latest on record…um…yeah…kinda depressing.  bring on the flowers!

spring colours week: green

4 Apr

ginkgo against a green leafy backdrop.  i took this at reed college during a little photo shoot to “depersonalize” my sister’s house art as part of the staging process.  a little lisa laporta action.

i just love the leaves on a ginkgo.  they make me happy.  and so does bokeh.

(part of poppytalk’s spring colour week – having a blog means i can participate in these fun things now!)


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