the return of film petit…

i know it’s been a while – somehow “month break” turned into “summer break” turned into “omigosh it’s been waaaay too long we have to just get back on the horse already!”

so we’re back on the horse.  film petit, the silly little blog series invented by Jess from A Little Gray and i in which we sew quirky movie outfits for our kids, shall return BEFORE THIS WEEK’S END (that means tomorrow or friday…you’ll just have to stay tuned and see when it pops up!).

film petit

in the meantime, you can…

  • catch up on my film petit posts HERE
  • catch up on Jess’ film petit posts HERE
  • read our intros to film petit (i.e. why we do this crazy thing) HERE and HERE
  • check out some amazingness in the film petit flickr group (and add your own!) HERE

as you probably know, we usually invite a guest to join us for film petit – THIS AWESOME BLOGGER is our guest this round!

and she NAILED IT.

see you soon!

and the new baby is a…

heading into my 20 week ultrasound last week, i admit i expected it to be a girl.  i tried to remain neutral on the gender front, but it was hard – and here’s why: my daughter REALLLLLLY expected a girl – early on, she declared this new baby would be a sister, and no matter how many times we tried to tell her the baby could be a boy, she was certain it was a girl.

so of course, it’s a boy!

elephant newborn pants

having realized more acutely each time i’m pregnant how miraculous it all to have everything fall into place to give birth to a healthy baby, just praying everything would be okay was my main thought going into the ultrasound. i know a number of gals (in “real life” and in blogland) that have had a range of heartbreaking “not okay” things be revealed during routine ultrasounds, and once that happens to you or someone you know, i think you can’t help but approach pregnancy with more caution. the baby’s health was, of course, the most important thing on my mind.

newborn elephant pants

the best news is that this little fella is doing great and measuring right on track and is perfectly healthy.  so wonderful.  but the news that took a bit longer to process is that the little one is a BOY.

our first reaction?  “POOR EM!”  and no, she did not take it well when we told her that evening. she just was SOOOO certain, you know? she’s only five – she wears her emotions on her sleeve. and then it sort of triggered a reaction in me – i’m one of four girls, sisters are all i know!  my mom is one of 11 kids, 8 of whom are girls, many born all in a row.  my sister has three daughters.  i think, deep down, i always expected another girl, like it was in my genes or something.  and as a sewing mama, yes, i wanted another little gal to pass Em’s handmades down to!  all that work!  all those skirts and dresses she’s already grown out of!  ack!

it took a bit for me to adjust to the fact that our family will have TWO boys, one girl, and that Em won’t have a sister.

ultrasound 20 weeks

after a couple days of hugs and snuggles, though, the surprise for both Em and i wore off, and the pure excitement returned.  it’ll be fun to have the younger two kids be the same gender – they’ll probably play more together anyway!  i love being a mama to a boy – the one i have is super fun!  O is a bit clueless about it but is all smiles when we talk about baby brother.  Em still kisses my belly multiple times a day and telling us she loves him and trying to feel her little brother kick any chance she gets.  and when he does kick her, it seems to make her day.  she announces to everyone we come across that “my mommy is having a new baby brother!” with a big grin on her face (she even told the cashier at the grocery store).

all is well and we are very happy and excited and grateful, and can’t wait to meet this little guy in a few months.  i love him already.  i’m gearing up to do more boy sewing, since i now know it WILL get passed down!

SO!  anyone wanna help us out with some baby names??  we have a couple early thoughts but we’d love ideas, if you’ve got ’em!  we like names that aren’t super popular or trendy, names that are interesting but widely recognized as masculine.  care to share some of your favorites?  :)

* * *

details on the little elephant pants above:

  • fabric is gray elephant fanfare flannel by Rae Hoekstra (to match his big brother’s here).
  • pattern is Rae’s free newborn pant pattern, lengthened 1/2″ so they’ll last longer.  i made quite a few of these for O when he was little, and they were awesome.  didn’t blog most of them though – they’re just so quick and basic and easy!

watercolor ruby top

a little while back i got to test out Rae’s brand new adult lady sewing pattern, the Ruby Dress & Top!  it’s a flattering yet simple design that takes pretty much all of the tougher parts of adult sewing out of the equation (no darts, no zippers or buttons or closures of any kind…that stuff).  it’s also a quick one to sew up.  you can sew this pattern!

and you should.

watercolor ruby top

because even though my face is a bit like :| in the photo above, i think this top is great…and the tweaks Rae made with the feedback from testing made it even better in the final version.  that girl really takes her time to get the fit just right, something i really appreciate with her patterns.

watercolor ruby top

it’s a SUPER fun (and maybe even a little overwhelming?) pattern to pick fabrics for.  you can really go a million different directions with it.  i used a semi-sheer lightweight rayon/poly type blend from the back of an Old Navy shirt I bought for the other side (eyelet).  it moves around a lot which made the skinny bias binding way harder to apply, but the drape is nice.

watercolor ruby top

the bottom fabric, which i ADORE, is from Skylights by Rosewood Organics.  i got it at Bolt (I think?).  such a cool watercolor design.  i made this summery top when it was still 90 degrees out and it’s definitely fall here now, which just means i’ve got a whole new color palette to choose from when i make Ruby 2!

watercolor ruby top

i usually sew a medium in Rae’s patterns but here I made a size large, because do you know what else the Ruby Top is great for…?

…hiding an early baby bump!

watercolor ruby top

yep yep, 18 weeks along with baby number 3 over here, and so excited!  i know at least one observant blog friend guessed it based on my posting slowdown this summer, but seriously guys, little #3 really kicked my butt in the first trimester.  so tired and most food just made me feel sick.  i’m glad to have some energy back now so i can sew in the evenings if i want, or in the daytime for that matter (i was pretty much napping when my kids did – good for the baby but frustrating for me, since i ACTUALLY ENJOY DOING THINGS)!

watercolor ruby top

i’m due in late February and we can’t wait to find out gender in a couple weeks, though Em is CONVINCED it’s a girl and has even told us what we should name “her.”  in the meantime, she nicknamed the baby “Avocado” based on the size i told her the baby was at the time, and loves to give her little “sister” kisses, bring me blankets and Mommy Elephant to snuggle with when i’m tired, hold the doppler machine and listen to the heartbeat at the midwife…she’s a loving little mama and it’s the cutest.  it’s really fun to have her understand what’s going on.

O seems happy about it sometimes, and sometimes indifferent.  because he’s 2.  ;)

watercolor ruby top

and there ya go – my secret is out!  i’d never announced a pregnancy to blogland before…hope i did okay.  ;)

>  > > :: < <  <

thanks for the great announcement project, Ruby Top!  check out Rae’s highlight reel of my fellow pattern testers here, video tutorials on how to line the yoke here, and Rae’s supercool arrow dress that started it all here.  

vintage may is here again!

i’ve got an exciting announcement – Vintage May is back!

Vintage May: Presented by Craftiness is not Optional and skirt as top

my pal Jess of Craftiness is not Optional and i had such a blast celebrating vintage style last spring (here’s my series round up if you’d like a refresher), we knew as soon as it ended that we’d want to do it again! we’ve rounded up a whole new bunch of vintage/retro-loving guest bloggers and changed the format slightly – Jess and I will each introduce our guest and post a preview photo of their project, but our guests will keep their content on their own blogs. then you can browse around their sites to see why we love them! we’ll link to each other too, of course, so it’s one big linky circle of life.

we’re also welcoming grown up sewing this time, not just kid projects! super excited about that part.

little skirts with vintage flair

here is our combined list of lovely guests, in no particular order:

Disney from Ruffles & Stuff :: Miriam from Mad Mim ::

Jen & Autie from iCandy Handmade :: Delia from Delia Creates ::

Jessica from A Little Gray :: Alida from Alida Makes

Melissa from Melly Sews :: An from StraightGrain

Kirstin from Kojodesigns :: Shannon from luvinthemommyhood

Vanessa from LBG Studio :: Jessica from Happy Together

Heidi from Elephants & Elegance :: Dana from MADE

Miranda from One Little Minute :: Erin & Caroline from Hungie Gungie

we LOVE to see you sewing along with us too! please post your projects sewn with vintage fabric, vintage sheets, vintage patterns, vintage-inspired patterns, etc. to the vintage may flickr group (feel free to add old projects or new ones, adult or kid!). need some inspiration for patterns/tutorials to use? i’ve got a few ideas here.

here’s a little sneaky peek of my first project…

vintage may sneak peek

Jess and I kick things off Monday! see you then!

gorgeous fabrics and a new cape

sometimes you’re just going along, sewing stuff because you love to, linking to your fabric and pattern sources, the usual blogging bit, not expecting anything amazing to come of it.

and sometimes something amazing comes of it.

forest path cape in britex fabrics

back when i sewed the breezy green eyelet tunic as a guest tutorial for kojodesigns, i linked to Britex Fabrics in San Francisco as my source.  it really is a wonderland of fabric, and this year i was lucky enough to travel to SF twice (once for work, once for an overdue birthday trip with my husband).  both times, Britex was a stop i knew i had to make.  i actually felt a little out of my element there – there are SO many gorgeous high-fashion apparel fabrics, my head spun with ideas.  i picked up a few selections and used the green eyelet for the tunic, with the rest squirreled away.

forest path cape in britex fabrics

Britex noticed my post.  and a little while back, they contacted me wondering if I’d be interested in a sponsorship/collaboration to help make people aware of their blog and help promote upcoming sales.  i jumped at the chance.

forest path cape in britex fabrics

they run monthly sales on certain fabric categories, and their sale fabric in January is wool (and wow do they have some amazing wool!).  they asked if i could sew something out of Britex wool that they could show in their newsletter and post about on their blog.  the newsletter comes out January 1 and the sale starts that day too, but my guest post on the Britex blog is up today – right here!  go check it out!

i made a cape for Em using this gorgeous midweight peacock blue wool on the outside, and this beautiful cotton voile on the inside.  in person, it’s especially rich-looking.

forest path cape in britex fabrics

the cape pattern…that’s another exciting bit.  i guess i’ve linked to Oliver + S enough times that Liesl Gibson, the owner, took notice of that too.  i’m now an every-so-often contributor to their blog (my first post was here), but she also offered to send me a few of the upcoming patterns to show how they could be made right at release, before inspiration starts showing up in the flickr pool.  so fun.  can’t wait to show you more in the next few months.

forest path cape in britex fabrics

this is the upcoming Forest Path Cape, sewn in a 4T.  it will be available as a “singles” digital pattern for children (6 months – 12 years) AND adults in mid-January (now available for purchase!).  it’s a really unique and modern take on a cape, and would be a very quick and easy sew if i wasn’t so dang nervous about cutting into the glorious imported wool and voile that Britex sent over (which made me take twice as long to sew it)!  hehe.   you can read more about the cape over at the Britex blog and more about the cape patterns on the Oliver + S blog.

forest path cape in britex fabrics

for those visiting from Britex, i promised i’d talk about the leggings and shirt underneath, too.

forest path cape in britex fabrics

the leggings are the Figgy’s sunki pattern.  i sewed them in a 4/5 and shortened them just a bit.  they’re actually made from my husband’s old merino wool sweater (the body of the sweater, not the sleeves) and sewed up in a flash.  they are SO soft and warm on her and i love how they complement the peacock blue wool of the cape.

forest path cape in britex fabrics

the shirt underneath, you may recall if you’ve been reading a while, is the figgy’s ayashe, sewn in Nani Iro double gauze.  this is what the shirt looks like…

a springtime ayashe

and my full post is right here.

i’m just beyond thrilled to have both of these companies, whose products i admire so much, approach me with such fun and exciting opportunities.  really guys, i’m in disbelief.

forest path cape in britex fabrics

hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are coasting out the week until New Year’s!